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design_clips_02Your membership makes a difference today and for future generations!

The funding for trails is rapidly diminishing due to the current economic atmosphere around the country. Congress is taking dramatic steps to reduce federal trails funding in the upcoming year. American Trails knows that you are passionate about trails and the positive impacts they bring to your community. We need your commitment of support in order to help us fight for funding and to continue advocating more and better trails across the country! Since 1988, American Trails has pursed a national infrastructure of trails and greenways that provide economic benefits, health, fitness, recreation, and transportation for all Americans.

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American Trails is excited to announce a new co-brand partnership with Klean Kanteen! You can purchase the water bottle separately or receive one as a benefit with a Trail Pofessional membership or higher! This is a new membership benefit as a part of our new membership levels that started in May 2014. 


With success lying in a well-established communications network, American Trails’ work helps address today’s critical issues: how to increase physical fitness and mental well-being, strengthen family ties, offer healthier lifestyle choices, and provide safe routes for active transportation. The health of our children, as well as our cities, will depend on preserving trails, open space, parks, transportation choices, and places for recreation.

Mission of American Trails

American Trails strives to enrich the quality of life for all people and the sustainable development of communities by advancing and promoting the development, preservation, and enjoyment of diverse, high quality trails and greenways.

Vision Statement

American Trails envisions a network of diverse, high quality trails for all people and a trail within 15 minutes of every home, school, and workplace. But without loyal supporters like you, the funding for these beneficial trails may be drastically reduced.

 Membership Categories and Rates

 Three easy ways to join the American Trails Network

Trail Professional (Individual only) $60:

Trail Protector (Nonprofit Organization or Agency)  $100:


Trail Supporter (Business) $150:

Trail Steward (Everyone) $250 and Above:


Trail Enthusiast (Individual only) $19:

Subscription Level (Libraries or Agencies only) $30: